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The Path to Passive Candidates

September 20th, 2016

Maintaining a competitive edge in the race for talent necessitates promoting open positions in the same way your company markets products or service. It’s more than selling to the customer who entered the store; it’s all about enticing the ones who are shopping next door to stop in for a visit. Attracting passive talent – those individuals who are happy in their current position – can be tough. It requires a multiple-layered strategy, but it can often net the best results. Follow these tips for bettering your odds for victory in the talent war.

Don’t wait for that ideal candidate to come knocking on your door – create an inviting company brand and culture.
• Be a strong, engaging, mobile company
• Be known for integrity, community involvement, and a friendly open-door culture
• Be known for your employer-employee relationship and above average compensation
• Create a blog page and post interesting industry-related articles – be known as the company who people turn to for information.
Establish your company as a recruiting company
• Give your employees motivation to fill internal positions
• Establish an employee referral program
• When you ask for referrals, be specific about the skills you are seeking
Build relationships – Be personable. People and personal interactions make all the difference when it comes to job satisfaction.
• Follow, like and connect with potential candidates.
• Read the blogs of industry professionals – it will help you identify potential candidates
• When you meet someone, who has the potential to be an ideal candidate for a future position, connect with them and take the time to discover what’s beneath the surface. Make a note for future reference.
• Connect with talent via networking events
Be a social media expert
• Become savvy on multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
• When you notice potential talent, take the time to dig deeper – approach them through their media pages via a “soft-sell” approach. Don’t be a stalker.
• Be clear and upfront about who you are, and the position you are seeking to fill.
• Include a call-to-action, making yourself easily accessible.
• Contact potential candidates Monday – Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are too close to their weekend – and your inquiry will be an ignored distraction at best, an automatic “do not call me ever” at worst.
Take advantage of your present client base
• Invoices, service ads, etc. are a great place to tack on an “ad” for an open position.
• You never know who they will know.
Be a reachable company
• Generate engaging, interesting, job postings that accurately share the crucial details clearly and concisely.
• Ensure your application process is simple and easy to navigate
• Be mobile enabled – Ensure that all of your sites (the main company site, all social media profiles, application page if applicable, etc.) are mobile-friendly and glitch free.
• Be easy to contact
Do it right when you make the connection
• Customize your email or message to draw in their attention with benefits such as extreme flexibility, an opportunity for growth, a relocation package, or a unique or flexible work environment/culture.
• Highlight the factors that indicate your job offers more stretch, increased satisfaction and more long-term growth.
• Learn how to turn the conversation – so the candidate begins asking the questions and selling his/her skills and experience

Back up your efforts by connecting with a reliable staffing firm. Not only do they have an inside track to great talent, but they are also experts at enticing passive candidates. By partnering together, you can glean the talent field and harvest the best.

Is your company located in Portland or Bangor, Maine, and surrounding areas? Contact Springborn Staffing today. As Maine’s Leading Staffing Firm, we have been providing best-in-class staffing services to Northern New England for almost 30 years. Solid. Reputable. Quality. These are the attributes Springborn Staffing brings to the table.

You Don’t Have to Drink Your Energy – Part II

September 13th, 2016

In last week’s blog – You Don’t have to Drink Your Energy – Part I, we talked about America’s caffeine-for-energy habit. We discussed work habits and ways to build energy in more positive ways. Today we continue on the topic by discussing health and mental habits.

Health Habits:

  • Have you “given up” on exercise?
  • Do you try to make it on less five or six hours of sleep?
  • Do you skip breakfast, in the name of time, and grab a high-carb breakfast substitute?
  • Do you ride the bus instead of walk, take the elevator instead of stairs, etc.?
  • Do you fail to drink enough water?

Most of these habits creep up on us over time, but the truth is:

  • A daily cardio routine actually builds our energy.
  • If you get seven – eight hours of sleep every night, you will get more done in less time and come out ahead.
  • Sitting down for fifteen minutes and eating a healthy protein dense, complex carb breakfast, can give our energy more than enough boost to “make up” that fifteen minutes.
  • Choosing to walk, climb, etc. when we can, keeps us in better shape, connects us more to the world around us, and lifts our spirits – all of which has a positive impact on our energy.
  • Good ol’ H2O flushes toxins from our system, keeps our brain in gear and indirectly bumps up our energy. Those 10 eight-ounce glasses per/day that the doctor ordered make a difference.

 Mental Habits

  • Do your fret over if only’s and what if’s, worrying incessantly?
  • Do you spend so much effort maintaining an image of “everything is ok” that you lose the real you?
  • Do you focus on the negative?
  • Do you pour yourself out without taking the time to refuel?
  • Do you resist change?

Sure, we all do some of these, some of the time, but let’s face it – every single one depletes our energy. The truth is:

  • We can’t change the past (if only’s), but when we learn from it and grow – it gives our energy a boost. Neither can we change the future (what if’s) by worrying, but when we take action against potential issues, we gain purpose, anticipation and a renewed zip for life.
  • Of course, professionalism means presenting a well-kept positive picture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be honest with family and friends – often, honest transparency frees us to overcome the battle and move on.
  • Yep, hard stuff happens, but a positive attitude gives us greater energy to respond and grow.
  • Giving your all is great for the boss, your family, your friends, but if you don’t refuel, your “all” will quickly become “not much.” Taking time for rest, refreshment, and building will give you more energy for future demands.
  • Change is part of life and growth. Resisting it depletes energy while accepting and embracing it will give you a boost for life.

A cup of hot coffee when you rise and shine can be a great way to start your day. And who doesn’t appreciate a little bottled energy on those days with extra overload, but when we become dependent on it every day – often more than once, it’s probably time to discover better choices. Let’s focus on better sources for true energy.

If you discover yourself in this 2-part blog and make some changes – tells us about it. Leave a comment on our Springborn Staffing Facebook page – we would love to hear from you. In need of a new position? We specialize in matching people with companies, creating energetic connections. Contact us today.







You Don’t have to Drink Your Energy

September 6th, 2016

Caught ya – you are probably as guilty as the rest of us – depending on that cup of coffee to get you going in the morning or that energy drink to get you through your afternoon slump! The American reality is this: Most of us are too busy. Instead of using technology as a friend, we use it to try and accomplish more in every 24. We go to be late – get up early and never stop moving in between – well just long enough to grab another coffee, power drink, or energy bar.

Are you ready to change – to enjoy your life without having to “buzz up?”

Then stop, take a deep breath, and do a little self-evaluation. What are the culprits in your life – those habits that have gotten you to this point? Those habits that suck Your energy level dry and leave you gasping for a boost.

Work Habits:
• Do you procrastinate?
• Do you fail to keep your commitments?
• Are you tied to your email and social media?
• Do you insist on perfection?
• Do you fail to express appreciation?

If you’re guilty as charged, consider this:
• Prioritizing your tasks, and then taking care of them immediately, gives you more energy for the next responsibility. Furthermore, many tasks, when put off, create unnecessary extra work later. (For example, you needed to mow the lawn on Tuesday – you waited until Thursday – and now you have to mow it plus rake the excess.)
• Making glib promises – or even earnest ones – and then failing to keep them is just another form of procrastination, usually the result of over-commitment. Taking the time to honestly evaluate your schedule before committing and living within the realms of a realistic picture of what you can accomplish, reduces stress and increases your energy
• Technology is wonderful, but learning to control it is even better. Checking your email at designated times reduces interruptions and increases productivity. Avoiding screen time the last 30 minutes before shut-eye time ensures better sleep.
• Face it; no one – absolutely no one is perfect. Going for excellence, instead of perfection, is an attainable goal and far less defeating.
• Focusing on the negative is an energy drain, but guess what happens when you foster an attitude of appreciation – for the people in your life, as well as all the good things you enjoy. The more you appreciate what you have, the less you focus on what you don’t. The more you give, the more you receive.

Recognizing pesky work habits and changing them for energy-inducing choices will make a difference – almost immediately, but that isn’t the entire picture. There are also mental habits, as well as health ones. Return to the Springborn Staffing blog next week for part two of “you Don’t have to Drink Your Energy.

Springborn Staffing cares about making a difference for our candidates and clients. That’s why we offer helpful hints and tips for creating positive change. It’s also why we are committed to matching the best talent with the best companies in Portland and Bangor, Maine. Contact us today or, better yet, bring your new found energy in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you and helping your business or your career grow.

The Road to Thought Leadership

August 30th, 2016

Taking a journey without a specific destination can be an enjoyable experience, but while this works for your summer vacation, it doesn’t sit very well in your professional career. After all, if you don’t have a goal, you never know when you have arrived.

Becoming a Thought Leader – the go-to expert and source of knowledge in your particular industry/field – requires well-thought out specific actions.

Thought Leadership by Definition: According to Trevor Young,

“A thought leader leverages multiple channels to relentlessly drive and facilitate high-level debate and conversation around a particular subject, topic or issue in which they have a strong degree of expertise.”

Choosing to be a thought leader is a wise career move, but it doesn’t just happen. It requires in-depth personal questioning, a specific plan, and dedicated effort.
Questions to consider:
• How do your peers, clients, community, and in some cases – the media, view you professionally?
• How often do others come to you for advice?
• Do the articles, which you post on LinkedIn and various social media platforms trigger multiple responses, ignite conversation, and get reposted?

What can you do to build professional visibility,
increase your influence among colleagues, clients, and community, capture the attention of the media, and even garner speaking engagements?

Don’t give up. Be persistent and diligent. No one becomes a thought leader overnight – it’s a building process. Start with a solid foundation:
• Know yourself – what is your area of expertise?
• Determine what you want your brand to be.
• Establish who your target market is – decipher what information do they want and how they want to get it.
• Develop a plan of action.

Connect by:
• Developing an attitude of service – not selling yourself or your business – in your articles, tweets, podcasts, etc.
• Being consistent – write regular blogs and white papers, create topical discussions, record podcasts, etc. Establish a medium and schedule that fits your audience.
• Sharing the podium – invite other experts to post on your site. Share helpful links to the great works by your colleagues.
• Knowing, understanding, and targeting your audience.
• Being approachable, discoverable, and transparent. People quickly pick up on genuineness.
• Creating an attractive professional website – color, design, and navigation ease and speed play a huge role. Be sure to have your contact information and links above the fold. Develop a responsive design and establish a creative and interactive “call to action.”

Get support. If you have the potential to be a thought leader, then you probably have a full schedule. Don’t try to do it alone
• Seek a coach or mentor.
• Participate in a Mastermind or similar group of colleagues who support each other.
• Be willing to hire someone to help with writing/editing/posting articles.

Thought Leadership rarely “just happens.” Draw a map, plan your journey, and set your focus on your destination. Include a stop at Springborn Staffing. We connect thought leaders and other top talent with top companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine. Contact us today.

Gaining the Most from your Staffing Company

August 23rd, 2016

Many companies have recognized the financial value, as well as the time, risk, and stress-deduction benefit of connecting with a staffing company. Yet, in spite of the increased flexibility, positive results, and consistent ROI, they still aren’t gaining everything they can from their partnership.

So, how can you work with your staffing partner to gain the most benefit?

Ensure that the staffing company you choose – or have chosen – is the best one for you.
• Do they have a reputation for integrity and solid business practices?
• Do they consistently communicate with their clients?
• Do they specialize in your type of business? This is especially crucial if you have a niche market.
• Do they have experience and resources in your industry?
• Are they carrying the proper insurances, including general liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
• Are they on top of legal issues – worker classifications, payroll taxes, etc.?
• Do they conduct appropriate background checks?

Connecting with the right staffing company for your business is only the first step. Promote your business. When you are excited about your company and bring your staffing company on board, electricity happens.

Communicate your needs clearly. Ensure that they know:
• Your company mission and goals.
• Your company culture – including dress codes, hours, and break and lunch policies, as well as after work activities.
• Your current and potential future needs – what you want – and what you do not want
• Specific information for each open position – including pay range, fill date, required qualifications, job description, and other key components.
• Any and all updates/changes as soon as possible.

Let your staffing company do what you contracted them to do – it’s what they do best. While you need to communicate consistently, you also need to trust them to carry out the necessary steps while you do what you do best. Reliable staffing companies will attract, engage, and secure the best candidates. They screen applicants, conduct initial interviews, confirm references, verify the accuracy of information, handle background checks, etc. When they give you the short list, you can trust it. When they send you temp employees to fill a sudden rush, seasonal hiring, special projects, etc. you can trust them.

Finally, maintain a solid relationship with your staffing company.
They are your business partner. Staying connected with one staffing company, long-term pays off.

Is your company located in Bangor or Portland, Maine and surrounding area? Consider Springborn Staffing. We help local companies succeed. Offering superior service since 1987, we work with the best employers in the region. Our state of the art technology and greater than 97% successful placement rate has kept us as the vendor of choice for our area. Contact us today and get the most from a relationship with Springborn Staffing.

Outsmart Yourself – It Pays

August 16th, 2016

“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” 
                                                                                                    Bill Gates

Successful companies, leading CEOs aren’t afraid to hire smart people – even when the new hire is “smarter” than the manager hiring them. Or at least, more gifted specifically in the role the new hire will perform. Great CEOs understand that the more qualified each member of the team is; the knowledgeable each person at the round table is; the more successful the company. When it comes to new hires, their goal is to recruit and retain great talent, and then empower them to carry out the company mission.

How do they do it? How do top CEO’s “outsmart” themselves?

They know their talent and are confident in it. By keeping an honest assessment of their personal strengths and weaknesses, they know what kind of talent they need to bring on board.

They have a vision. They see the big picture and hire the right people to make it happen. When you need to travel across the country, you don’t build a plane and fly it yourself – even if your company owns a private jet, you hire a highly-qualified pilot to fly it and a skilled crew to maintain it. Strong leadership isn’t afraid to do what they do best and hire people smarter than themselves to cover the rest.

They build a recruitment network – sometimes finding the best candidate involves seeking counsel from someone with more expertise in a specific area. Self-respect and confidence aren’t hindered by asking for help when it’s needed. The smart leader hires smart help.

They hire for the overall good of the organization. It’s not about who is smarter than someone else – it’s about having the smartest person for each specific position in that position and then respecting individuals across the board.

They create a cultural of appreciation for talent and a willingness to learn. The more they encourage their staff to not only share their personal expertise and knowledge, but also be open to learning from the rest of the team; the greater their engagement, the more passionate their performance, and the more productive their business will be.

Intelligent, gifted, creative people bring immense value to a company – the CEO and his/her hiring manager who put aside personal egos and welcome said talent ignite their business.

At Springborn Staffing, we get “smart.” As Maine’s Leading Staffing Firm – we take great care and pride in our title, providing best in class staffing services to Bangor and Portland companies.  Our veteran staffing consultants and executive recruiters with over 60 years of combined experience is your company’s access to a superior network of smart, high-level, active and passive candidates. Contact us today and let us put the power of our network to work for you.

Securing your Career Future

August 9th, 2016

Whether you are entry-level, high school degree, a double major with an MBA, or a skilled IT specialist who can code in multiple languages, securing your career future does not rest in hard skill, expertise, education, and experience alone. Whether you have a lot behind your name or very little, your soft skills are the foundation that gives it strength. Don’t ignore the obvious – take the time to build these skills/attitudes. Sure, it may take an investment of time and sometimes money, but the ROI is tremendous.

Productivity – work ethic
• Begin by being punctual.
• Do your best – every day.
• Fulfill your responsibility – plus a little.
• If you job finished, don’t wait for another one – ask what you can do.
• If you see a problem – fix it.
• Lend your coworker a helping hand.
• Consider the big picture – the company goals – and take pride in your role.

Build up your problem-solving skills
• Logic quizzes are a great start.
• When you see a problem – even if you are part of the solution, think it over in your mind. Label the problem. Consider available solutions. Choose the one you think works best. Compare your choice with the outcome. Practicing these skills before you need them will help immensely when you do.

Be a goal setter
• Begin by setting daily goals and trying to accomplish them.
• Expand into weekly goals – then monthly.
• Take time to consider five years from now, then ten.
• From daily to long-term goals, establish a purpose and a plan.

People Skills
• Be a team player – listen to the perspective of others and practice finding strength by combining skills and ideas.
• Develop a positive attitude – it builds up others.
• Be willing to be taught. Accept instruction, feedback, constructive criticism – without getting defensive – it’s an opportunity to learn.
• Be adaptable – accept change gracefully.
• If applicable, take a course on management and leadership skills.

Develop your communication skills

• Oral communication – speak in soft tones, use tact, and express your opinions in respectful ways. Toastmasters is a great way to build verbal communication skills.
• Written communication – learn to be a self-editor, consider the meaning of your words before you send them. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Get help if you need it.
• Listening skills – learning to listen is the backbone of effective communication. Repeat what you think someone said to confirm you heard it correctly.

Many of these skills can be learned and developed simply by practice. Others may require reading a self-help book, and some may get a boost from a community or on-line course. None require a college degree, yet all are crucial pillars to ultimate career success. At Springborn Staffing, we are constantly looking for people from every level of skill who also have these all-important soft skills. We search for people who possess the drive and determination to achieve their goals. Contact us today to see what we can do for your career in Bangor or Portland, Maine.

Revving up your Resume

August 2nd, 2016

Your resume is an ongoing work of art. You don’t drive your car without regular oil changes or replacing the battery, spark plugs, tires, etc. You take care of your car, so it lasts you a long time and doesn’t leave you stranded. Resumes are the same – you need to refresh/update them consistently, so they serve you well in your professional development and long-term career goals.

Tips for Updating Your Resume
• Keep an ongoing file – where you make note of anything that you want to add to your resume – an award, employee bonus, a special accomplishment, class completion, etc.
• Once a month, clean out any deadwood and add whatever is pertinent. For example, perhaps you made note of a project you were leading. If the project is now complete, it’s time to list it as an achievement, “Lead the installation of XYZ software and saved the company $$$.”
• Pay attention to ongoing hot jobs and change the wording of your skills, and achievements to fit. (while remaining accuracy and integrity, of course)
• Rewrite as needed to adjust the length, replace bland descriptions for more enticing script, re-word into current jargon, etc.
• Never end an updating session without proofreading for grammar/spelling errors or typos.
• Complete and annual overhaul – where you make layout and design changes, as well as informational ones. Keeping your resume’s initial appearance attractive is an important part of the process.

Benefits of Updating Your Resume

• Personal value: Updating your resumes reminds you of your professional value and build your confidence in your marketability.
• Reflect current marketability: By keeping track of your accomplishments, continued education and increased responsibilities as they happen, you can present them to align with whatever skills are currently hot. Furthermore, if you update info when it happens, it’s easier to present it accurately
• Be ready when opportunity knocks: People often hear about an open position through their networking grapevine. If you have your resume ready, you greatly increase your chances of getting your foot in the door first – increasing your edge over other candidates.

Seeking a position with a company in Portland or Bangor, Maine? Don’t forget to send your updated resume to Springborn Staffing. We have been helping people since 1987, providing superior opportunities for our associate employees and well as direct placement candidates. Contact us today and discover why Springborn Staffing is one of Maine’s leading staffing companies.

Discover Why Talent Leaves

July 26th, 2016

A stable economy – or at least an economy in recovery – brings nothing but good for businesses, right? Unfortunately, not. While there are many plusses, and we certainly favor it over the recession, there is one little annoying factor that raises its head when the economy is good – the battle for retention. As talented employees feel more secure in the economy, they are much more willing to go job shopping and hopping. A lot of articles share tips on how to retain talent, but maybe it would be better to focus on “why” employees leave and therefore, what not to do.

Top reasons for leaving:

Negative culture: Playing the blame game, tolerating rudeness, gossip, backbiting, playing favorites – you get the picture.

Overboard expectations:
Failing to replace an employee and dumping the extra work on another. Demanding long hours and 24/7 connection. Increasing workload without promotion and forcing employees to choose between work and personal lives.

Feeling undervalued and unappreciated: Lack of recognition, appreciation, and reward for not only the “above and beyond measures” tied to specific projects but also for consistently producing quality work day-to-day.

Lack of trust and empowerment: Being micromanaged. Lack of freedom/authority to make and act on decisions in according with responsibility. Unable to take “ownership” because management is continually second-guessing, overseeing to an extreme.

Lack of connection: Little, if any connection between management and staff. Management viewing employees as consumable rather than an asset. Failure to extend a sense of caring and family to staff.

Poor communication and organization: Lack of coaching and feedback. Changes made without communicating them to employees. Receiving different info from one source than another. Employees don’t know what’s priority or even what’s happening, creating a distraction, confusion, and inefficiency.

Inaccurate job descriptions: Employee accepted a position based on erroneous information – actual position doesn’t fit their skills or interest.

No room to grow: Failure to offer incentives or opportunities for growth. No continuing education, opportunities to develop new skills or advance in responsibilities. Lack of intellectual and creative challenge.

Company fails to keep their word: The better equipment, new system, technological devices are always coming soon, but never arrive. The new promotion or raise is always “about to happen” but never does.

If some of these top reason why good talent keeps leaving are striking an uncomfortable chord, it’s time to take action. Money talks, of course, but it rarely stands alone. There are many aspects to people and therefore, many ways to engage and retain talent in your company.

Springborn is here to help by connecting companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine with the right talent in the first place. Contact us today – we will help you connect with talent and make the

Success at the New Job (and the old one)

July 19th, 2016

You’re hired. It’s a new job in a new company. It’s both scary and exciting. Success in this position will be a great career move. Here are 18 tips from Springborn Staffing to help you do just that!

Strictly Personal Stuff
1. Be on time and alert – every day.
2. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Sleep enough. Get exercise. You will perform better.
3. Dress according to your position.
4. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Connecting with CoWorkers
5. Know your company – know the history – know the management – know your coworkers. It makes a difference.
6. Accept invitations. Be proactive about the “bonding” process.
7. Treat everyone with respect – yes – everyone. Ask people how they want to be addressed – it’s respectful and appreciated.
8. Pay attention to the social order among staff – by being observant, you can quickly learn the rules of the game and the best maneuvers.
9. Take time to understand the roles and expectations of each person who was involved in your interview – they were there for a reason, and you need to know what it is.
10. Be nice in the process and you will build friends, rather than create conflict.

Professional Performance
11. Prove yourself – you were hired because of what you said you could do – now do it.
12. Ask for help – in a way that indicates your knowledge and that you are motivated to do the job well.
13. Regardless of how it was done at your previous job – this is the new job – learn their way of doing things.
14. Take initiative – if something needs to be done and you are capable – -make the time to do it. Of course, keep your time and accomplishments aligned with the company priorities.
15. Do the documenting – nobody else wants the job – they’ll remember that you did it – you will learn a lot if you skim while you document.
16. Be dependable – Build up a sense of trustworthiness by your actions, by keeping your word, by delivering.
17. Be a leader – in attitude and actions – even at entry-level.
18. Work hard – that’s why you are getting paid.

If you follow these guidelines – you will succeed – we guarantee it. Need help connecting to a new job? Springborn Staffing specializes in recognizing talent – hard skills, soft skills, attitudes – everything that matters. We match that talent with great companies. Contact us today, connect with a new position, and learn more about succeeding in your career.